What is FPV?

FPV is an abbreviation of "first person view", which literally means first person view.

By definition, it is a method used to control an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or radio-controlled vehicle from the driver or pilot’s perspective. Instead of standing on the ground and looking up at a model aircraft, FPV allows pilots to essentially man the aircraft from the onboard, cockpit view, as if they were sitting in the aircraft themselves. The vehicle is either driven or piloted remotely from a first-person view via an onboard camera, fed wirelessly to video goggles or a video monitor. A live FPV system makes precise aerial photography and videography possible.

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Nowadays, photography and videography enthusiast are looking for all possibilities and tools dispatched on to their hands to snap the perfect shot that could make their name. New into this industry, comes in FPV flying style, giving photographers and videographers a list of endless possibilities for cinematic content, at a lower budget, not achievable by traditional methods before. Cinematic FPV flying is much smoother and slower, enabling the operator to pick and choose his muse, producing high quality content that would help speak their intent to the viewing participant. In addition to that, FPV drones can also be used to shoot fast-paced action sequence, if you are an extreme sports lover. Take shots of your tricks or mountain scenery and turn it into profit.


FPV drones, being small and agile, make them especially suitable for inspections, particularly confined space inspections. These drones can be equipped with cameras such as the 360° cameras, which would aid in the inspection process. These small drones are able to squeeze into small-knit places and take pictures or videos of the concerned area. Some advantages of using FPV drones instead of “standard” drones for inspections, includes but is not limited to, its size and high levels of maneuverability. By using FPV drones, inspectors are not restrained by the area of concern and has the freedom to approach the inspection area as close as possible and in any angle. Although the usage of FPV drones in the inspection industry is not widespread, the possibilities are endless.

Drone Racing

Drone racing is a hobby, and to some a career, that might not take the stars to realize. For people who like speed and the thrills of riding a rollercoaster, this is the industry for you. Albeit not being famous in Malaysia, yet, drone racing is an industry that is quite well known around the world. These small, agile, high-speed machines are controlled by drone pilots whom are attired in goggles. These drones are flown in highly technical, closed tracks at speeds that reach up to 120 mph or approximately 200km/hr. Drone racing has many levels to it, with beginner levels that enable local hobbyist to enjoy the high speeds at the comfort of their home environments to professional leagues with FPV drone pilots taking home millions as rewards in these world-class competitions.


During the training, you will hear a lot of practical advice on building and piloting an aerobatic drone. You will learn the possibilities of using the PFV drone and expand your piloting skills.

Certified FPV Drone Proficient ™

In this program, you will learn all you need to know how to fly and handle a FPV drone. Course syllabus includes introduction, rules and regulations, drone anatomy and gear as well as drone assembly to name a few topics. Become proficient in FPV drone flying and become the first to explore all the possible outcomes of being a FPV drone operator. By end of the program, you will be able to fly First-Person View (FPV) Drones and feel like you're in the cockpit of a high-speed aircraft!

Certified FPV Drone Cinematic Proficient ™

Want to up your game on cinematic shooting? Get those epic aerial shots you’ve dreamt about! FPV drones have an added advantage of being compact with high speed and maneuverability compared to “conventional” drones, catching the eye of photographers and videographers alike. Modify your drone with high spec cameras and shoot amazing videos up to 4K in definition. Learn the tips and tricks from industry trainers and produce videos in never before seen quality.

Certified FPV Drone Racing Proficient ™

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Loves speed and the thrill of heights? This is the program for you. By joining the Certified FPV Drone Racing Proficient, learn to fly your FPV racing drone by former drone racer, participated in over 4 different competitions worldwide. Learn to be quick on your reflexes and make split-second decisions in maneuvering a course, fitted with obstacles, and be the best in competitions, all in neck-breaking speeds.

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